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but after my bankruptcy I got other cards approved... Just applied online and was approved but don't know how much im approved for....The dude really didn't think about race that much, And no matter if his asianess was a detriment or whatever, Largely bc he was just flanked asians and it was normal. (excavation, nevertheless, is going to be I asked if he ever felt like have been "way too many asians" And he explained at once he kinda understood the tough shit AM go through. secure enough to not be bothered by racism, But all too aware of it's residing.I terrified a bit that he thought I was a raving lunatic because I was so opinionated about racism vs AM, haha.I bumped up my credit line every month or so by 2k and once 5k. After being a Macy's card member holder for a past 20 years by a mestake i make a payment of .00 short, not even realizing that. They report late payment to a credit bureau, and my credit score change from 820 to 780.Pay it off early, don't use up more than 10 percent of the credit available and you can increase your credit score pretty quickly. Ihave called them and, and THEY PROMISED ME to take care of the preoblem. After 20 years i'm pulling this card from my wallet. Actually my card has been at a 0 balance for the past few months. I also have AMEX cards that are double what Macy's was giving me through AMEX so I call BS on everything.

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Macys store cards are popular with people who shop a lot at their stores.

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