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[...]What I want to know about someone, above all else, is: Are we physically compatible? As a result, I may be more attracted to a male one day, and a female another day. This is much, much easier said than done, but I’ll definitely give it a try!

If our bodies don’t fit together nicely, if our tongues don’t understand each other, if my hands can’t find a place to touch, I’d rather stop right there. ”“I’m an advertising professional in Brooklyn who has been on a grand total of five dates in the past year, two of which were [...] incredible.

Dating is fun if done right and authentically.”“My dating goals for 2019 are toward the man I’m seeing; it’s vital, because each year we evolve according to various scenarios experienced.

[...] I will pick one day per month and dedicate the day to him by celebrating him as if it’s a national holiday.

The New Year is less than a week away, which for some means setting goals for 2019, whether they’re about career, health, money, etc.

After all, if you feel the drive to, the New Year can be a time to refresh many areas of your life, including your love life.

But if all those things are working and feel good, then let’s do all the mundane, routine BS of getting to know each other.” “I’m non-binary, which is difficult for a lot of people I know to understand. This is kind of odd, but I’m terrible at dates and really, really good at job interviews.

My dating goals for 2019 are going to change by being more available and saying ‘yes’ when I would have normally said NO.

“Goals help us create a target we want to hit — it’s important to know where you are now and where you want to be,” Rachel Wright, a licensed sex and relationship therapist, tells Bustle.

“Even if the goal represents the middle of the dartboard, it allows us to at least know where to aim.” She says that even if you miss the bullseye, you’ll end up much closer than if you didn’t set the goal at all.

All my life, I’ve been very independent and pursuing my career and dreams on my own terms.

My role as a digital director for a leading agency keeps me very busy [...] but I won’t let ‘being busy’ be an excuse.

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When it comes to dating goals for 2019, you may just want to date yourself, which is completely OK; the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you may be later if you decide you want to date someone new.

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