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Adam responds by explaining why he’s excited to be making this product.In Adam’s words:“I never set out to become the world’s best dating coach.The Return of Badass was co-written by both Jushua and Adam, and represents the first time the two master seducers have joined forces to release anything, let alone a full scale dating product.While some may have not been surprised about the coalition, given the extent of the two dating coaches relationship, many are excited to see Joshua Pellicer team up with a dating coach that has consistently been rated the top coach in the world.Though some may fault that this style comes off less prepared, there is a certain flow to this program that I have not seen achieved in any other.Furthermore, the interview style inevitably helps Adam Lyons explain his concepts thoroughly, as Brooke Shedds ends up asking the same questions you;re wondering in real time.

This first chapter addresses the three main traits of attraction that Adam Lyons has mapped out in theory.

The bulk of the program consists of 7 filmed interviews with Adam Lyons, with Brooke Shedd as the interviewer.

Brooke is a seasoned and talented interviewer and helps Adam relax and lay out his concepts in a methodical yet simple manner.

The Tao of Baddass was first released in 2011 by Joshua Pellicer with a unique approach to attracting women.

Specifically it helped men understand four general areas in dealing with women in their life, namely the friend zone, Monogamy vs.

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Return of the baddass represents Adam Lyons and Joshua Pellicer’s long awaited return to the much acclaimed dating product, The Tao of Badass.

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