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An easy short-hand to teasing is to imagine the other person as your bratty little sister; you’re needling at them for a reaction rather tan trying to actually insult them.As you’re teasing, you can incorporate a number of ideas.You don’t want to be caught dreamily staring at the person, so what do you do? Does the girl really find me repulsive or does she like me and is trying to hide it?If a girl finds you repulsive, she’ll probably give you a weird face. If a girl is just intimidated by you, she’ll probably just cut her gaze short, look at the floor and act awkward.She’ll smile at you, but then walk away after an interaction because she’s nervous. I know guys are all freaked out about asking a girl out, but girls can be so nervous around guys they like.To be clear, if a girl doesn’t like you at all, she won’t smile at you, she won’t try to talk to you at all, she’ll just ignore you (and for some reason you guys LOVE that) and if she’s also giving you the stink-eye, yeah, she doesn’t really want to get to know you. If she likes you, she will light up and start chatting with you.” “Don’t make me come down there little girl, I’d eat you for breakfast”.

And I should warn you, I’m totally the thumb-wrestling champion of the Eastern seaboard.” It can have a certain sexual edge to it to raise the heat:”Your last boyfriend just didn’t spank you enough, huh?Too many nerds have Chronic Nice Guy syndrome, and won’t stand up for themselves when a woman gives them shit; a teasing challenge is a playful indicator of some spine as well as bait into being more aggressive.Challenges work on the same part of the contrarian part of human psychology; by telling someone they can’t have, be or do something, the first impuse is “Yeah, I totally can”.You can challenge in any number of ways; you can call her a name: “Dork”, “Princess”, “Brat”, “Crazy”.Challenges can be a miniature cold-read, giving them an opening to open up about themselves: “I bet you must drive your parents crazy.” “You can’t be from around here; you must be a West Coast girl.

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  1. Scripturally speaking, the result of the process—godly Christian men and women marrying and raising families to the glory of God—is far more important than the method they use to achieve that result.