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state of New York declined the charged of the press against him because of not sufficiently substantiated by credible evidence.

He was involved in a love affair with his former girlfriend, Jackie Dymora.

There are rumors that they might get married in future.

In the first, Kane was charged with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief but later he pleaded not guilty and was discharged on , The Buffalo News, a daily newspaper reported that Kane was the subject of a sexual assault investigation by police in NYC.

According to a driver, he was punched, grabbed by the throat and had his glass broken.

Kane later returned for the post-season and made team highest 20 points from 19 games with eight goals and 12 assists.

The team officially revealed that Kane and Jonathan Toews both extended their contract for next eight years on after they beat cab driver, Jan Radecki for 20 cents.

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