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Further, the WCC cases may resonate more profoundly with victims in Bosnia:unlike the cases directed at more senior officials at the ICTY, the proceedings before the WCC will involve alleged mid- and low-level perpetrators who may have directly participated in the crimes committed during the conflict.

In addition, international involvement at the initial stages of the WCC's development can contribute significantly to enhancing the short- and long-term capacity of professionals and institutions in Bosnia to conduct fair and effective war crimes trials.

The report is primarily based on a mission Human Rights Watch conducted in Sarajevo in September 2005.

Thus, although it presently contains a significant international component, the WCC is essentially a domestic institution operating under national law.

There is an aggressive transition strategy for the phasing out of international involvement within a short timeframe.

However, the real challenge of conducting fair and effective trials lies ahead.

Meeting this challenge will require sustained and considerable support as trials commence.

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