420 friendly senior dating

Take the awkwardness out of online dating and meet other people who smoke weed or use cannabis.

420 Singles has a 100% 420 friendly crowd with a solid user base of over 42,000 real members.

The app makes it easy to record all the important data on "feedings for a single plant or multiple crops." Basically, this app will help you make sure you don't have sad, dying plants in your closet, and instead end up with a bowlful of beautiful bud.

What it is: A social network just for stonersi OS: Free Android: Free I know, we need another social network like we need to see another Coachella selfie.

What it is: A trippy game filled with mythical beastsi OS: Free Created by Adult Swim, the unofficial TV programming block of cannabis enthusiasts, this game is a trippy, hilarious sequel to a side-scrolling game where unicorns blow shit up.

If you question whether the game is specifically designed for weed smokers, this quote from the game's makers about how it's different from the first unicorn attack game should settle it: "Oh, also?

, a 420 friendly dating site built by stoners for stoners.

And while it doesn't promote itself as a dating app, there's even a built-in swipe-right or swipe-left functionality for the photos and videos other people upload.

What it is: Virtual medical marijuana consultations with real doctorsi OS: Free Android: Free It's easier than ever to legally score yourself a prescription for bud, but trekking to the doctor's office just for a medical marijuana consultation is not that great.

So, in celebration of 4/20, here are 10 you should download right now, man.

What it is: Yelp for weedi OS: Free Android: Free Leafly should be on every pot smoker’s radar.

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