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“The idea is for everybody to really play hard and play strong because there is no guarantee, even if you win, that you will go into the semi-finals, so it does strengthen the competition and makes the games more exciting and allows for the best teams to make it to the final four.” Nadia Kiffin Green, marketing manager of title sponsors Wray & Nephew, promised to continue to add excitement as the competition continues.

“For the past 10 years, LASCO Money has batted for the natural sporting talent of the over 5,000 players islandwide; we have been bowled over by the many opportunities presented to our cricketers to represent at the regional level, and we have cheered for the restaurants, bars, hotels, sports shops, corner shops and supermarkets that have benefited directly and indirectly from the matches.

Dr Dwayne Vernon, executive director at the SDC, said that there are indications that the competition is growing.

“We find that this year, the majority of the teams that are at the quarter-final stage are here for the first time, so that is good for the competition because that means it is growing.” Dr Vernon explained that the double-elimination format is designed to ensure the best teams make the final four.

Though the Association was in existence for a long time, it had really settled down at the Giri Road location only in the recent past, perhaps about three years earlier.

We found one Mr Guha Roy as the secretary for the association.

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