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When it comes to love, however, Mark has no idea where to begin.When Mark is just about to learn something new about women, the story takes a turn for the worse and he ends most episodes almost as confused as he begins them.Set in Atlanta, Single Ladies follows the lives of three best friends who have very different and unique philosophies on love, sex and relationships.Keisha, Raquel and April navigate the dating scene-- with a few bumps and bruises along the way-- and beg the question: what do women really want?1x1 -- May 30, 2011 -- Two Hour Premiere1x2 -- Jun 06, 2011 -- Cry Me a River1x3 -- Jun 13, 2011 -- Indecent Proposal1x4 -- Jun 20, 2011 -- Confidence Games1x5 -- Jun 27, 2011 -- That's What Friends Are For1x6 -- Jul 04, 2011 -- Old Dogs, New Tricks1x7 -- Jul 11, 2011 -- Take Me to the Next Phase1x8 -- Jul 18, 2011 -- Lost Without You1x9 -- Jul 25, 2011 -- Can't Hide Love1x10 -- Aug 01, 2011 -- Everything Ain't What It Seems1x11 -- Aug 08, 2011 -- Is This the End?

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