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Down-to-earth but really sexy at the same time when she wants to.We all love her and it’s about damn time we saw her nudes.And she doesn’t appear nude in movies because it’s against her Christian upbringing. But they do cock-tease in a bikini every once in a while: Let’s get straight to the point. But because Ms Simpson has so stubbornly refused to show off her body, a ton of talented artists have created a stunningly wide variety of Jessica Simpson nudes. Yesterday, we profiled and took your pulse on some surprisingly sophisticated and conservative Jessica Simpson fashion. She posted on Twitter earlier this week, "Just got done boxing. For people to say Employee of the Month was a flop is ludicrous. For people to say The Dukes of Hazzard was a flop–it opened to million!

Jessica Simpson says having three kids is "no joke".

Eric and Jessica started dating all the way back in May 2010 and were engaged by November of that same year—so yeah, their romance was Nicholas Sparks–levels of whirlwind.

No, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are no longer romantically involved.

Jessica is currently engaged to fellow NFL player Eric Johnson.

Tony Romo married former Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford on May 28th, 2011.

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Who knew it could be a substitute for almost anything?

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