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Here's where technology has evolved to play a vital role, for parents and children.

In the case of children in real danger, being able to communicate in cyberspace may even have saved their lives.

Children of divorce are a strong focus of the programme.

A year ago, Resnick decided to offer his programme via one-hour counselling sessions on Skype.

Visit her website on FOR CHILDREN More than 43 000 young people have been counselled via their smartphones since the launch in 2012 of Mobie G, a text-based life skills counselling app offered via Mxit, the South African-created social network with over 7 million users.

"We started it with the aim of counselling kids at schools on the West Rand - kids with problems including relationships, anger, pregnancy depression, rape, bullying and addictions - and it just spread like wildfire," said Stephnie Crouse, executive director of Mobie G.

I have more time with my family since I started performing here and get paid for having fun. I have spoken to some lovely genuine people & they pay you every week without fail!

More than 42 000 kids have been career counselled since the service's inception. Follow the prompts to chat with a counsellor in one of the chat rooms.

"The basic principle of Smart Choice Parenting is that parenting is about ensuring the survival of their children, and that only an adult can help a child grow into an independent adult.

"But many parents struggle with guiding their children to eventually stand on their own two feet — they don't have the tools themselves. A one-hour Skype session costs R800, and this includes an e-manual covering the issues that parents most often confront, and how to navigate them.

"If an advocate, psychologist, social worker or medical professional is needed, the chat can be referred to these individuals who are online at home." The main users of Mobie G are teenagers and young adults, but children as young as eight or nine are also using it.

Sadly, many of these youngsters have no other adult to turn to.

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