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As a nude contestant looking for love, and while looking at her potential suitor’s junk, there are multiple shots of the sun-kissed contestant’s tight rump on display.More importantly, during an impromptu moment of tackle football on the beach, Jessie gives us an uncensored look at her butthole and backburger while flopping in the sand.

Tweet Get ready for the ultimate online dating experience at FACEBOOK OF SEX!Thanks to the censor dude who was asleep at the wheel for that scene!During the show, Jessie claimed that she doesn’t have a problem with nudity or getting nude, but thanks to VH1’s slip up, the defamed dame has served them legal papers to the tune of million. Double Homework Episode 2 Chapter 2 of this sexy adventure game.The story is about a guy living together with two hot girls named Johanna and Tamara.

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