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It’s somewhat ego-crushing to see your ex get back on the horse so quickly.He was constantly comparing me to other women…making it plain there was always someone sexier and hotter out there, or some woman with certain more ample body parts he might go for.

It may be like a slow steam leak over months and months in a failing relationship, but eventually, you’ll see them for who they truly are.

I can vouch for this, just based on my experiences in relationships with people I met on these sites.

Sadly, many of the guys from OKCupid whom I’ve actually had “official” committed relationships with, were super quick to re-activate their profiles once we broke up.

Wade If you’ve ever dealt with dishonesty from an online flame, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

If he wants to REALLY be authentic, though, he should also add that he treats them better than his girlfriend, but hey — that probably won’t get him many dates.

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