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But it wasn’t, and I learned a valuable lesson: If you find yourself with this guy, just remember you’ll always come in second. The “Friend Zone” sucks, which is why you should always be up front about your intentions. Late one night, The Pretend Friend tries flirting and I grow uncomfortable, so I try letting him down easy.I made it clear from day one I wanted to remain friends and wasn’t interested romantically. I’m worried because I don’t want to lose him as a friend, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings.Until this point, I’ve only been able to use this superpower for self-deprecating jokes, hilarious (but lurid) tales, and dating advice for my single friends.However, my well-honed douchebag radar will be better used if my mistakes help others from getting involved these stereotypical types of toxic boyfriends: A picture frame went whizzing past my head and smashed on the wall behind me.Note that The Kid doesn’t have to be younger than you. He might be naïve, immature, inexperienced, or just plain dumb.He loves to tell stories about his “glory days” because he has no new stories to tell.The series was a new domestic, hidden-camera game show in which one member of a couple attempts to persuade his or her partner to complete a series of challenges without letting on that the world is watching.Debi Gutierrez, whose comedy career had thrived on the communication (or lack their of) between couples, serves as host and as the couples' cheerleader.

revolving door of exes is a running joke in my family.It’s hard to remember what he was mad about in your direction? While he may think he’s “protecting your honor,” you’ll soon discover the roller coaster of emotion is tiresome and annoying. This boyfriend isn’t interested in change because change requires functional adult, sticking with this guy will suck the life out of you.Guys like this think they’re a big man but underneath that anger is fear. He doesn’t have a hobby, hasn’t read a book in years, and he answers questions about future plans with indifference. The longer you stay the more he’ll take the wind out of your sails and keep you both floating aimlessly in the doldrums.It was like watching the Roman myth of Narcissus play out in real life.I kept looking for a hidden camera certain this was all a prank. But the truth always slips out and was right in front of me — he wants more.

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