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Here are just some of the major effects of being married to a person who suffers from NPD.

The loneliness of a marriage gone wrong is one of the saddest effects of being married to a narcissist.

Blaming every misfortune, every mistake and every situation that isn’t benefiting them, overtime this sinks in and makes the other spouse feel worthless.

Years of this kind of mental abuse can strip the other spouse of self-esteem and confidence to the point that a simple task of ordering from fast food may seem like a nerve-wracking task fearing that he or she can commit another mistake.

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Why is accidentally overcooking a meal to about forgetting to pay your bills on time or even when your narcissistic spouse loses a job — is your entire fault?

See how a spouse who suffers from NPD can turn every situation into a chance to blame and degrade you? Sometimes this just turns into fear until you feel so nervous whenever your spouse comes home or tries to scold you.

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