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3) There are stencils, commonly referred to as Conn stencils from the 1917-1918 time period.

Since Pan American as a line was started in 1917 and these stencils have differences from the standard Conn line, I would classify them as Pan American stencils, not Conn. This would be consistent with the brass, with the exception that the brass did start from serial 1 and went to"P" with serials in the P13000 range.

This comes from the known time periods of certain contemporary models not being congruent and the woodwinds not using a "P"or "W" prefix. This may be the start of the line as of 1919, when the Pan American factory opened. Pan American was incorporated in July 1919 and the factory officially opened in November.

They seem to correspond with the contemporary Conn model and not the Pan American.The names include America First, Liberty, Common-Wealth, Soloiste, International, Continental, Continental Colonial and Continental Clarion (Cavalier line).6) Private label stencils are too numerous to list here, but include other manufacturers, distributors (jobbers) and retailers not owned or controlled by the Conn Ltd Organization.Currently the sample has grown to 873 examples with 693 saxes and 155 woodwinds.I am continuing together examples and documentation so I can use all the help I can get.

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I started gathering serial numbers for Pan American woodwinds back in January to prove they are under a system different than brass.

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