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The two actresses reunited with the rest of the Buffy cast this week for an Entertainment Weekly shoot.In an interview in EW, out today, Hannigan explained that she did not initially twig when she was told by show creator Joss Whedon that her character, who initially dated men, would get a girlfriend.“Well, Willow’s in college, so maybe she finds a girlfriend.

’ I didn’t really know what that meant.” Of the years-long plot, she said: “You got to see the journey, so that, I think, was very groundbreaking, and …The actress is best known for her role as Tara (Willow’s girlfriend) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but is actually multi-talented and has since branched out from acting into writing, producing and directing. Tara was just supposed to be a friend to Alyson Hannigan’s character, Willow, and it was only going to be, like, two episodes.After caught up with Benson to talk about playing gay for pay when it was still taboo, why she had to fight to kiss Alyson Hannigan on screen and why she rarely turns down acting jobs. And then it sort of spiraled into this whole other thing.The show became a success, and Hannigan gained recognition, subsequently appearing in several films aimed at teenaged audiences, including American Pie (1999), Boys and Girls (2000), American Pie 2 (2001), and American Wedding (2003).She also had a guest spot on the Buffy spin-off, Angel, reprising her role of Willow in a few episodes (including most notably "Orpheus", during the fourth season of Angel and the seventh season of Buffy), but none after Buffy finished production (the final episode of Buffy aired May 20, 2003 In 2005, Hannigan returned to starring in a regular television series, taking the main role of Lily Aldrin in the hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, and also playing a recurring guest role on Veronica Mars as Trina Echolls.

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We were not told anything in any way shape or form beforehand, so it kind of came out of left field a little bit. I did it when I was 15 and it was the greatest experience ever.

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