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Joining and being active in church shows your commitment to Christ and indicates the reality of your faith.The final chapter offers an invitation to the reader to say yes to a real commitment, though it waxes soft compared to the material between the opening and closing of the book. I would recommend two audiences for this book: first, those who fall into the category of “church dater.” If you have not yet come to the point of wanting to join a church, if you are a believer in Christ and are satisfied with just watching from the sidelines, if you’ve bought into the philosophy that says you can worship and serve God without joining the spiritual club called church, then you should read this book.

If there is a drawback to the book, it is in that Harris is now trying to win a new generation over to his way of thinking now that he is a pastor.

This third season will consist of six 30-minute episodes — another sharp decline in the episode order and further indication this show already has one foot out HBO’s door.

Executive Vice President of HBO Programming Amy Gravitt released a general statement on she took our audiences through the keyhole and into the lives of a modern day couple dealing with the fallout of splitting up.

In Failing to commit to the church, we cheat ourselves, we cheat our church community and we cheat the world.

Over the next six chapters, Harris explains the beauty of the church, our need for the church, what committment to a church involves, what to look for in a church, and how to make Sunday the best day of the week.

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As we end with the 3rd and final season of the show, we look forward to our next endeavor with Sarah Jessica and Pretty Matches.” Despite the closing of another chapter in the long-running partnership between Parker and HBO, it looks like she and the premium cable network will not be severing ties.

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