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The following new command line parameters are now available: -o tls=auto This is the default, TLS will be used if possible.-o tls=yes Use this to require TLS for message delivery. If TLS is giving strange errors, try upgrading the Net:: SSLeay and IO:: Socket:: SSL perl modules.It was designed to be used in bash scripts, batch files, Perl programs and web sites, but is quite adaptable and will likely meet your requirements.Send Email is written in Perl and is unique in that it requires NO MODULES.Please do NOT report TLS bugs unless you have already done this!If you're running up-to-date versions of these modules and you are getting TLS errors, your detailed bug report will be appreciated.Advanced TCA (ATCA) is a standard for telecom applications bringing the features of proprietary architectures and the Compact PCI standard with his high packing density and RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) together.The rugged airborne systems products family enable in-flight broadband services including: Internet, VPN access, email, multimedia capabilities, video-on-demand, games and additional entertainment choices.

Emails with commercial intent (spam) are also rejected.

To be legally binding such letters or documents must be sent in written form and hand signed.

The Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority does not accept encrypted emails.

The Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority offers the possibility of electronic communication.

In accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act § 3 a Vw Vf G.

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