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This type of hatred should not be propagated and will not be site is so full of hatred, I believe in truth not spreading racial or religion based hate ,do not call the # on this site(might be a misprint,full of themselves, and not too nice)my expierence only .

Only God has the place to judge any of us on judgement day It is a a very poor reflection on Google to give any kind of weight to a hate organization.

Anti-semitism does not belong on a public web site. It breeds hatred when this country was built on a melting pot of immigrants. Allowing such voices on your search engine adds to the hatred and divisiveness of people rather than working to create unity and peace. please remove this site, don,t help them spread's time for you jews to end your "victimhood" mantra and face the criticism objectively. As a jew we have never made a treath to achieve our goals.

Please consider the separation of one people as a direct attack against the whole. Racism against any religion and ethnic origin should be stopped. You gentile haters just resent the fact that we are better at everything than you are! You know deep down that you are manipulative troublemakers. Radicals would have used terror to achieve these but please look at this civilized request for matter so important to jews.

This person, Frank Weltner, is a fraud - NOT an authority.

One man cannot judge an entire culture; It is foolish to assume that collective and personal attitudes are predetermined by culture, religion, etc.This site gives the human race, as a whole, too much credit.Face it, people are stupid, and will continue to make bad judgements, and it has nothing to do with who they are.Having an anti Semite site to come up at all, let alone as one of the first web sites to appear on a search in one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, search engines on the Internet just encourages racism. We contol your neighborhoods, just remember this...... If these people that hate us so much would just take the time to sit down and write a list of reasons for why they hate us, it just wouldn't make sense. anti-semitism and naziism have absolutely no right to exist in this world.I'm a jewish male who just loves to make money off of stupid goys. Pull the plug and take away the light that shineson these roaches.

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Let them scurry back to the depths of hell where they belong.

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