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Starting to Collect Antique Silver - Antiques Collector's Club, and Peter Waldrom, 2001. This means that, likely, this pot was crafted between 17.The shape of the lid (wrapping over the rim, without a sleeve fitting outside) is typical of the years around the 1745 (Ian Pickford, 2003.Rubbing of hallmarks positioned in a straight line increases progressively from the more protected side (in our case the handle) towards the more exposed side at the centre of the pot.This is our case: the first mark, near the handle, is quite clear and corresponds to the maker mark of the silversmith Thomas Whipham I (note 1), working in London at the middle of 18th century.

The lid was obtained by 'raising' with no soldered parts (apart the finial).For a collector who prefers to search and buy items out of the traditional - and sometimes expensive - antique retailer shops, a valid alternative way is to collect as much informations as possible about the style evolutions and patterns of the object he intends to buy.Furthermore it is necessary to adopt a rigorous and pragmatic approach, trying to avoid emotional factors which may affect the correct evaluation of the item.On the pot's inside there are signs of hammering, mainly on the base and inside the lid obtained by 'raising' or requiring more hammering (where hammer's traces where not smoothed down).The spout and handle's supports were obtained by moulding.

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