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Ali’s leadership has the transformational quality that elevates women and shakes them out of the old patriarchal patterns of either playing small or burning out (or both) — so we’re able to make a whole new level of impact while staying in integrity with our values and needs.It’s the kind of leadership women have been hungry and thirsty for.“One simple strategy A VIP day with Ali Brown is the equivalent of supercharging the direction of your business.”“My VIP Day with Ali was worth its weight in gold.I was already a 7-figure achiever in my first business, but needed a mentor to trust to map out a new entrepreneurial idea.If you desire a single day of strategic planning–and/or confidentiality in your working arrangement—Ali recommends her VIP Strategy Packages for qualified applicants. Meetings are typically held at Ali’s office in Scottsdale, Arizona, just 30 minutes from Phoenix International Airport.But on occasion she may be available to travel for your consultation to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Dallas, Miami, London, or Sydney. “Investing in Ali Brown’s Premier group has easily been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.In less than a year, I’ve gone from multiple six figures to multiple seven figures with Ali’s guidance.Even more importantly, Ali has helped me create a business model that I truly ENJOY.

And I especially loved being a part of the group and seeing, first-hand how other highly successful women built their businesses from inside out.Since working with Ali, not only has my business rapidly expanded, but I am more passionate about what I do than ever before!“During my year in Ali’s Premier Group, I broke through the 7-figure mark… I also made some key hires (and fires) and worked on systems that are priming us for more fast growth.Using one simple strategy from my time with Ali I was able to add 0,000 in revenue to my business by adjusting how I was marketing, positioning and pricing one of my core programs. In addition, Ali’s feedback on my writing style and how to leverage opportunities for content creation has changed my outlook and approach so writing has become easy, effortless and effective, instead of a challenge to come up with the right thing to say.Spending a day with Ali will be an annual event for me.“When the time came to take my branded movement to the next level I knew just who to call. I’m so thrilled to have been one of her VIP clients and I cannot wait to do more!

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From our first conversation, I knew that not only did she ‘get’ me and my business, but she also deeply understood the leader I am becoming.

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