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Hope on the horizon Out of all the turmoil, suffering and fighting we're set to see, the creators suggest there is hope in store for our leading characters and the outcome is not quite as disheartening as the past couple of seasons."I think there are a lot more rays of hope in the battle that we'll be feeling and experiencing in season three..., Miller confirmed we should "expect to see more" from the character, adding: "We always had plans of building that character out."We should also expect to see him continuing his efforts with the resistance, which Miller revealed is driven by guilt for helping to orchestrate the very system he's now seeking to destroy.

"A lot of our fans have asked for this for a while, and we're really happy that midway through the season we get to share some of Aunt Lydia's backstory," explained Littlefield.

against some overwhelming (odds) there is a sense of purpose and a sense of light in that tunnel," Littlefield explained.

And what a ray of hope it would be if June ends up leading her own army of handmaids, a plot point suggested at the end of the trailer when Offred is shown looking out over the crowd in front of a gigantic cross that used to be the Washington Monument.

This could be a false show, of course, especially since set photos show Offred on her knees with her mouth covered up beside Commander Waterford and Serena on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Perhaps this shot is part of a longer scene in which June faces punishment for her actions.

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