Are you dating a car salesman

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If you are buying a used car, be sure to read the information below so you can avoid becoming a victim.

“But since Satan still hates me, for every wish you make, your rival gets the wish as well — only double.” The salesman thought about this for a while.

“For my first wish, I would like ten million dollars,” he announced. I m better than you.”Salesmen Joke 3 A salesman was demonstrating unbreakable combs in a department store.

The sales manager received the news in a nonchalant manner and told the motel manager, “Return his samples by freight and search his pants for orders.”Salesmen Joke 7 How can you tell when a salesperson is lying? Salesmen Joke 8 A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman manages to bull his way into a woman’s home in a rural area.

“This machine is the best ever” he exclaims, whilst pouring a bag of dirt over the lounge floor.

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