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Your controller is no longer encumbered with a lot of ties to the ASP.

So when we talk about views, views have to be rendered by a particular type of view engine.

I don't want to hard code the url in my Email Templates.

I want this dynamic in a sense that whatever the environment it will send the related url.

For a new project, you can take your time and evaluate whether Web Forms or other frameworks are ideal for the skills and attitude of people in your team. Let’s briefly recap the problems of Web Forms so that it’s clear which benefits an additional framework can bring in. NET Web Forms was originally devised to shield developers from the actual structure of the HTML being sent to the browsers.

But what if you’re just trying to improve an existing ASP. So often, you have no time and/or budget for a complete remake of the site and you just want to implement a slew of new features using Ajax and libraries such as j Query, j Query UI, Bootstrap or perhaps Knockout. As a developer, you had no control-and only a faint idea-of the ID used to name HTML elements.

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