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If you share the same values and hopes for the future, you have the foundation required to overcome short-term challenges and to learn, grow and change together.Your top piece of advice for a gay person looking for love and not finding it. My clients are typically very busy with work/travel and quite simply struggle to find the time to meet men in settings where it is possible to get to know their values or whether they might truly be compatible.Finding love on Grindr or Tinder is, in my opinion, next to impossible.In something as important as finding a gay long-term partner, it is not unreasonable to say, “I could use some help.” My full-time focus is on finding incredible single gay men looking for a long-term relationship. And, it is one I enjoy because it’s pretty special finding people love.A lot of the time, even with my most emotionally intelligent clients, it’s a learning experience, and what they said they are looking for in their first initial meeting, tends to shift and change ever so slightly. Don’t get me wrong, I tell all my clients at The Echelon Scene that I fully believe the start of a relationship should be blissful.That’s normally when I have my success and my client meets the person they end up with. But the reality is that it’s not always going to be easy and we need to remind ourselves of that.

And the other thing - I was in a long term-relationship. Eventually we became an open relationship, something I thought was edgy at the time. Meaningless encounters were fine, but dating was strictly prohibited. Several hours later we also found ourselves sitting on top of an abandoned building, watching the sun rise over east London. I would spend a great deal of time with them in the coming months. Their lives were filled with real fires, books, pianos, dogs, design, art, love.

It was the sort of party where someone comes out the loo dressed as Scary Spice and it’s actually her - the sort I’d moved to London in search of.

As someone who, for many years, was scared of not ‘passing’ as a woman - let alone a pretty one - I’m not ashamed to say I was flattered. He was at that age where he didn’t realise just how lovely he was - and isn’t that the loveliest age of all. Soon enough we would do other things for each other, too. Eventually, he decided he wanted me regardless of my past. For several months, I set up camp in the cannabis-infused depths of his armpit. I was consumed with an animalistic desire for him, just the scent of his hair on the wind was like catnip to me.

” And their focus was, for the most part, on physical type.

Not why I got into matchmaking The Echelon Scene is very focused on finding love, for clients who have this as their goal. I am finding that this focus allows me to work with the most inspirational gay men in the world. A lot of what I do when gay matchmaking is to really understand my client – what makes them tick, what are their values, what makes them smile, where do they see their future.

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