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My first thought was a profound, What could have been an easy “I like you” email transformed to slightly bizarre.

Did she expect me to respond with a romantic interpretation? It’s evident from Scripture that God speaks through dreams.

The message was from a woman who had dreamt about me.

She described the dream in vivid detail and asked what I thought it meant.

Here are eight do’s and dont’s to stop an awkward silence from ruining your first date.

The best way to fill any kind of silence is to throw out a compliment.

The date was going well, but then you stumbled upon the killer of all great dates: the awkward silence.

It’s that moment when a sudden silence falls upon the dinner table.

Some Christians make dating weird through over spiritual language.Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do or say – you have just landed a boring date. It’s totally fine to be honest with your date (only if they ask for a second date) and say you didn’t feel like you had a connection.If your date is boring and awkward, don’t stress yourself. Every time she says something, make a statement that affirms it. For example, if she says “I just got my dog from the vet.” You can reply “Oh I love dogs. At this point, it is more about just seeing if the two of you click.I always encourages clients to go on active dates to avoid the sit-down dinner date.

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