Banjul gay dating

I want to know is this quite a common thing that happens in Gambia?

Is it all just a scam or is it all part of a sex trade industry?

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an yes i am capable an fit enough both mentally,physically and healthy as well [from my recent medical test result] to develop a career in the most highly standard army on the globe that is the British army.but i was directed to the British embassy that is located in my country[The Gambia] for more details about the recruitment an application i was altered in my application about post code,which is not a familiar thing in the Gambia i don`t have access to post code, As most of the population do not used post code it is used by institutions in the Gambia, But i was assured that the embassy will help for a solution so please any assistance or any information to resolve my problem so as to be enlisted in the recruitment in the opening upcoming enlistment. COMSPOUSES OF EU CITIZENS ENJOYS EASY VISIT TO UK THAN UK CITIZENSIt is most easy for a European citizen that is married to a non EEU citizen to bring his or her spouse to the UK than for a UK citizen to bring into UK his or her spouse.British army recruitment I am a Gambian citizen i want to join the British Army as a commonwealth citizen as i followed all the requirements reading an analyzing.i am a graduate at the University of the Gambia with a Bsc in Accountancy and i am looking forward embassy the embassy could help me in any assistance or any information for the Recruitment process so as to be enlisted in the recruitment in the opening upcoming enlistment Thank you.

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