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With a platform for all that one can imagine — posting the food you had, stalking the life of a friend, putting forth bitterness in under 140 characters and even one that puts dog ears on you, it is not surprising that people have separate applications to find “BAE”.

It looks like the young Indians are finally ready to search their own partners without having parents trawling through websites.59% of the youngsters said they did not look down upon online dating compared to 27% in 2012.What may have started as a hook-up movement has quickly and radically transformed the way the generation to come will meet their better halves.A research predicts that one-third of marriages will be a direct result of online dating, there is, of course, no other and more subtle way of expressing interest as swiping right on a profile.This means that there are at least a billion swipes.• The average daily time spent on dating apps has increased to 90 minutes.• India is the biggest market in Asia for online dating as most of its population is young.• The number of swipes in India alone is 14 million going up from 7.5 million in 2015.• Truly Madly has seen a 100% month-on-month growth rate.With a demand as high as this, there is a lot of scope for entrepreneurs and startups to take a dive into this market and make it.

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Image Source It is predicted that by 2031, at least 50% of married couples would’ve met online.

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