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Ben is playing a crazy vicious bully, which, despite his dark look in the play press photo, I have a hard time imagining. You'd think his Harry Potter millions could buy him some clothes that look as stylish as what the other guys are wearing in that promotional pic. And I believe that he wants to act and not be a celebrity and doesn't want to discuss his personal life (unlike some people who obviously relish being celebrities and remain in the closet). Ben Whishaw, Hugh Dancy, Matthew Goode, and my new favorite, Jamie UK actors are so hot these days.It doesn't help that his main bullying target (Morgan) is the same height as him and more muscular. All I really care about is that he's one hell of an actor. Ben Whishaw, Hugh Dancy, Matthew Goode, and my new favorite, Jamie Dornan. Do you think he lost some weight specially for the scene in the tower prison?While I'm pleased that he's come out and I'm happy for him, I find it insulting when -- and they do this ONLY for gay stars -- when Hollywood PR flack say some bs about the actor wanting to have "a private life." It's bullshit and it's insulting. They once played lovers in a play, and I can't help wondering if the audience found that really confusing. It seems like a lot of his fans already knew he was gay knew about him being with Mark.I don't think his quote from last year only applies to gay people. No matter how Shakespeare-talented he is, I don't appreciate Ben Wishaw much. To give him credit he never lied or pretended to be straight or had fake PR romances with women - he just made it clear he wouldn't discuss his personal life at all.I can believe KS made a pass at him - BW has always looked really young for his age/seems his type but I don't believe BW accepted unless DLers know otherwise???I've read that Ben was his protégé and Kevin pushed him for the role of Hamlet in The Old Vic, where Spacey is an artistic director from 2003.I hope they have a lot more of Q in the next Bond film I'm looking forward to what Ben Whishaw does next, I've really liked everything I've seen him in so far. I thought it was good and I liked that interpretation of the character (bringing out the inhuman part of being a magical non-human creature giving him a spaciness that seems suited to an air spirit).It's went over well with critics and audiences, as has the play. In 2004 Kevin Spacey interviewed Ben Samantha Whittaker about doing Hamlet Ben mentioned he'd auditioned for a part in one of KS's films.

So if you’re constantly telling people about yourself, I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot.’What r29 said. Whishaw's husband should do the sa- oh wait, he too is ugly. Zzzzzz I honestly can't tell him and Hugh Dancy apart - they could be twins, especially with facial hair. It will be interesting to see how it affects his career but however the news has come out I hope him his partner are happy I thought he came across a bit awkward in the Out interview to be honest - like he wanted to be honest say he was gay but he didn't want to say it at the same time.In the play Baby has a fixation on the idea that Skinny Luke loves him and wants to fuck him.It fits the play for Skinny to be played by an attractive fit looking guy.He did seem very shy and awkward in his early interviews to the point where it was uncomfortable to watch. OP - I'm guessing that as Ben has been with his current partner since 2009 and they got married in 2012 that he doesn't have that much of a problem being in a long term relationship with a guy.Maybe he just used his career as an excuse to dump your friend - a variation of 'it's not you it's me' 'I need some space' etc Anyone know any more about him and kevin spacey?

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He definitely didn't want to have a long-term relationship with a guy, feeling that being out could hurt his career. I have no understanding of why we turn actors into celebrities."I'm laughing as I copy and paste.r9, I didn't ask. I didn't find him attractive from the start (he's cute in the right lighting), so I wouldn't have even been interested if I was one to ask such a question to a friend.

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