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Best Line: "The only person who really knows me turns out to be a cop." 14.RAGING BULL 1980 Robert De Niro bulks up and lashes out as lowlife fifties antichamp Jake La Motta, a jealous brute whose life's work was beating people to a pulp.It took 20 years and the arrival of Tiger Woods to make the game seem cool again.Key Scene: Rodney in excelsis at a high-tone country club soiree bellowing "No offense! Best Line: "Hey, everybody, we're all gonna get laid! ROCKY 1976 A blue-collar anthem for the ages, as lunkhead from the neighborhood makes good because he can absorb a surreal amount of punishment.They are unapologetically male, and often politically incorrect..movies do have a moral, and it's always straightforward: If you're a cop or a criminal, a team player or a lone wolf, all that matters is being brave and honorable, no matter the consequences. DIRTY HARRY 1972 As avenging cop Dirty Harry Callahan, Clint Eastwood shoots first and asks questions later, creating the most politically incorrect hero in movie history. Best Line: "Don't ever take sides with anybody against the family again." "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." "Leave the gun; take the cannolis." There are millions of them. SCARFACE 1983 An unapologetic assault on everything decent and honorable -- and that's why we love it. DIE HARD 1988 Forget all the great action scenes this film has -- the best moments are when underdog Bruce Willis kicks the snobby Eurotrash villains' asses without ever losing his all-American sense of humor.With his ever ready .44 magnum ("the most powerful handgun in the world"), Clint brings unreconstructed frontier justice to criminal-coddling San Francisco, becoming a role model for law-and-order conservatives everywhere. Al Pacino's Tony Montana makes his Michael Corleone look and sound like Mr. Nothing beats the film's coke-fueled mobster wisdom. then you get the power, then you get the woman" set the tone for a whole generation of gangsta rappers. The scene where the German villain gets his comeuppance for trying to use the word "cowboy" as an insult resonates more today, though it'd be even better if the guy were French. THE TERMINATOR 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally offered the human lead, but he realized that a killer robot from the future was the role he was really born to play. THE ROAD WARRIOR 1981 Along the endless highways of the Australian outback the loner hero of western and samurai fame gets a futuristic face-lift from Mel Gibson's leather-clad Mad Max. Violence trumps sex, war beats peace, and you better have a very good reason to oppose anything with Steve Mc Queen in it...great guy movies are distillations of the male experience, reduced to the essentials.

I am just doing my thing." Key Scene: Battling the steel-clawed Han in an underground hall of mirrors.Miraculously, Martin Scorsese makes it into an ode to the human spirit.Joe Pesci, as Jake's brother, makes punk poetry of Paul Schrader's f--k-encrusted dialogue. BULLITT 1968 The ultimate Steve Mc Queen, and a defining moment in guy movie history.Taken as a whole, his career teaches us one fundamental truth: Real men should talk less and drive more.Key Scene: The car chase, for sure, a witty trendsetter over SF's roller-coasting hills, with Steve the racing buff clearly visible behind the wheel of his 390 Mustang GT.

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