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I also work with my best friend and she would understand that its something that's come up at work. I think you should tell her what you know to be fact, but definitely don’t tell her any gossip or hypothesising.

Just tell her sensitively that colleague mentioned she thought she saw him on a date with the woman and that you just wanted to give her the heads up before she heard it through the grapevine, and possibly embellished.

She's going to find out, I doubt it will come from him.

Others probably already know, she won't want to be the last to know.

Unless I or someone I wholeheartedly trusted had seen them kiss (or anything else that indicated that they weren't just meeting as affectionate friends, I'd not be sure enough to pass it on. I would understand (and recommend) staying out of it in any other circumstance, but I'd want to be able to trust my best friend to tell me something like that. If it’s as you say nobody has done anything wrong have they?

Your friend will find out and maybe ask you if you knew, but you can say you didn’t want to get involved as you didn’t know the facts and it’s none of your business what her ex does. to be furious husband has complained about my weight DD and locked room in rented house share What actually happens when you pay off your mortgage?

I don't think my friend knows her DH is seeing someone, let alone that specific younger colleague, whom she knows as well.

She might find out through office gossips, which would be awful for her. I am really on the fence on what to do here If you are close friends, tell her.

Apparently they looked very loved up and affectionate.Our DHs work in our company as well (it is a big employer in the area). I was aware that my friend's marriage had been rocky for a while, and she and her DH eventually decided to split up 6 months ago. The separation has been amicable and respectful so far, they spend together with the DC and help each other when needed.Part of the reason why the separation has been so amicable is that no one else was involved.Hi all, regular poster on Relationships and AIBU but I have NCed as this post might be outing and I don't want it to be linked to my regular activity on Mumsnet.I work for a large organization in a senior position, with 30 people reporting to me.

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