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Let us not forget that you also need to protect your financial well-being! There is a new era born for scammers, fraudsters, abusers and cons with online dating.

You need to protect yourself and your loved ones by approaching potential partners with great scrutiny. This service is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS and designed to supplement your online dating membership(s)* with useful tools and resources.

Have an open Q&A chat with other members on topics of your choice.

This is also your opportunity to request an archived blog to be set to current status for the next week.

You will be able to: You will NOT be able to "troll" names and user id's. This is a feature we will not change in our efforts to protect our users, their posts and the users they create posts about. "Website Tips" This blog will give you tips on different ways to use our website to be beneficial to you and others.

Membership is only /month to access ALL database categories This is a monthly subscription that automatically renews each month and you can cancel, anytime. 8/9/2019 BLOG:"Pre-Screening Quick Tips and Why It Is Important" 8/2/2019 BLOG was a CHAT WEEK. We do this on occasion so you have a chance to "chew" on all the information we have thrown at you, thus far.

7/26/2019 BLOG: "Expectations, Representations and Looking Beyond Appearances" 7/19/2019 BLOG: "Safety First and at All Times When Meeting in Person!

But for many others, the question is less straightforward.This is also your opportunity to request an archived blog to be set to current status for the next week. We are a verified business using a trusted third party billing company.6/14/2019 BLOG: "The Best it Ever Gets..." 6/07/2019 BLOG: "Paid vs. get the best deal and what's right for you" 5/31/2019 BLOG: "First Meeting is Set... I've started a multi part blog series on building a dating site using Neo4j.Even if you have no desire to build a dating site, you should check it out for some common techniques on using extensions, using dated relationship types, indexes, and more.

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Christian Connection is an award-winning Christian dating website in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and Canada.

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