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p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Koushik, this is not an incident.Blood transfusion is one of the known means of transmission of infections.

How reliable do you think this data is p.m.: Comment From Michael Reto Where can I get myself tested for HIV?

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Michael, you could go to the nearest Integrated Counseling and testing centres in any government or private set up for the same.

List is available on NACO website p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: Chapal: do you mean it is possible to reduce this data to zero?

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Blood Banks are under regulation of State FDA and work with a license issued through Drug Controller General of India p.m.: Comment From ravi kumar i just want to know, is there any timely routine visit from the govt.

officials for the facility livecheck and most importantly, are they been updated and reminded as an exercise so important? p.m.: Chapal: I think that claim would be questionable. p.m.: Chapal: The government has done good work in this regard earlier .

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