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It is simply like this: I read one article from the web, new at that time, it was many years ago, and it suggested the time frame 600-800 AD for Ashkenazi Jewish admixture with Italians.

So, you got it, that was the sole reason for writing the post. I do google myself, not for narcissism, but as some people were harassing me some time ago. Many bloggers just comment one paper they just saw.

Indeed, they had to do it for two reasons: the Torah tells, do not come to the face of God emptyhanded, so if a kabbalist wanted to raise a dead or make a Golem, both things that can be done only with God’s help, he had to make a sacrifice.

It seems that the commenter was studying Kabbalah, but the Bnei (yes, it seems to be Bnei, and not Bnai) Baruch Kabbalah. That is why Jesus commanded drinking his blood, though in his case is was symbolically, and he was sacrificed, not symbolically.

I have one Bnei Baruch book, bought it long ago and when I read it I said, what is this? Sacrifice and blood is needed for redemption, a kabbalistic concept, and in the Old Testament.

It demands that the firstborn son be sacrifices, then it says that no, the son mus be redeemed. In a special case it could be a Christian priest, if he is very innocent.

OK, you can guess that I did not manage to convince this Unz commenter.

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This Short Face is the YHVH of the Old Testament, the angry, jealous God.

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