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She had been born in Minneapolis, and they’d had to move for his job when she was just 10 years old, 6 years ago.

It couldn’t be in San Francisco, or Seattle, or some other city where the temperatures were livable all year, oh no, that would be too easy, it just had to be in sweat land, USA.

Julie was stunned, she’s my sister, and I’m getting turned on. It may be damn close to incest, but, she had to see it, or else she’d hate the fact that she missed it.

When the bathroom door closed, Julie crept forward.

Julie was lying naked in the tub, her legs stretched up, and spread apart, her pubic region was right under the faucet.Maybe we should just give it back to them, and she’d be happy to get the hell to a better climate.Her Dad had needed the job, and it just had to be in Baton Rouge.Chloe could feel her own pussy start that tingling, prickles of hot, wet need coursing through her, as she listened to her sister’s pants and moans of pleasure.Julie reached down and spread her lips, and moaned louder as the water was now coursing directly over her stiff, eager clit.

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Julie drove it down to the end of the street, parked it there, and scurried back.

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