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Steiner has long been an exponent of the leitmotif idea; he gives it here a subtle twist.One is not aware of particular passages assigned to char- actors; one finds them instead assigned to particular recurring scenes - the girl in her bed, the children in the field, or the people in the town.When one listens to the music, it seems scarcely appropriate, yet when one forgets the music and looks at the soreen, there is no doubt of its effectiveness.

There are fine passages of modal harmony, some with melodies of Gregorian nature; elsewhere there are themes of basically diatonic nature which slide rapidly through various keys, or diatonic melodies harmonized with triads not conventionally considered in the key.The military Tattoo at the Edinburgh Festivals thrilled all the ten thousand who attended* many of them drawn by the world * 8 famous film showings. Seven as yet unreleased Italian pictures were shown, one each day at morning and evening performances to invited audiences.Notable figures in the Italian motion picture world were present to add to the interest of the oc- casion.This is background music in its truest sense; coloring, highlighting, and intensifying what is on the screen, and not duplicating it.It is the small flurries of excitement which are more interesting to the reviewer, for these -are more difficult to Handle.

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