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He may even decide he needs to wash his car or truck for the occasion. Weather you are going on a date or just hanging out with your friends or new guests at the party, ice breaker questions will help you get to know one other. What is the one thing you want do the most before you die? How would you handle a dispute with a neighbor regarding property lines? Have you ever been in trouble with the law, even a minor problem? If you could have a do over for one day only, what day would it be? Have you lost touch with anyone from school that you wish you could get in touch with now? Do you work them out right away or let them build up until you explode? If you could trade lives with anyone, who would you choose to trade it with? Is enough to pay the bills, have a little left for fun money good enough for you or do you want more? If you were married and had kids, would you take them to the grandparents’ house on Christmas or ask that the grandparents come to your place? What do you think is better ,a college education or a trade such as plumbing, carpentry, etc.? Do you think traditional medicine is the only way to go or do you think combining holistic medicine with traditional medicine works better?

Do you prefer the performing arts or would you rather go to an amusement park? Which would you like better, a quiet night in or dine out and a movie? What do you think is the best way to handle someone who is picking a fight with you? Do you believe everything printed in the newspaper or that you hear on the news, tv or radio? What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? Do you decorate inside, outside or both for any of the holidays? Pick and choose the questions that you want to know about someone. These are not a marathon game of questions, just ice breakers to get the conversation going so you can get to know one another.

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