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How do I find out about promotions that might affect how much I earn?

Most promotions are sent via email to the email address you have listed in your account.

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you may be eligible to earn rewards through Nectar. Members are not allowed to have or create multiple e Bay Bucks accounts to circumvent the quarterly earn limit, and it is also not permitted to combine or transfer your earn balance from one account to another. You can join by enrolling or simply by responding to an invitation email that e Bay may send from time to time. Earn e Bay Bucks during a calendar quarter and you will receive an e Bay Bucks Certificate for the total amount earned after that quarter ends. Most purchases on e Bay qualify, but some restrictions apply. For example, to qualify, purchases must meet the following requirements: PLEASE NOTE: While e Bay Bucks can't be earned on purchases in these categories, the e Bay Bucks Certificates can still be used for redemption in these categories, except e Bay Gift Cards within the Gift Cards & Coupons category. How is the base earn amount determined for a qualifying purchase?

The base earn amount is calculated by taking the [item price] x [quantity selected] x [earn percentage].

You likely returned an item after you spent the e Bay Bucks Certificate that you earned for it.

This often happens when you purchase an item in one quarter, spend the e Bay Bucks Certificate you earned for buying that item, and then returned that item.

Can I earn e Bay Bucks while taking advantage of another e Bay promotional program?

Yes, you may earn e Bay Bucks in conjunction with most other e Bay promotions such as while using an e Bay Coupon. e Bay Bucks are posted after you purchase and pay for your item(s) (either auction-style or Buy It Now).

Do I need to earn .00 or more in a calendar quarter to receive my e Bay Bucks Certificate?You can check to see if the Certificate has been issued by scrolling down to the Activity section on the e Bay Bucks page under My e Bay.Why does My e Bay show less e Bay Bucks than I expected?I received an extra e Bay Bucks promotional offer; when will my e Bay Bucks be posted to my account? You can pay for qualifying purchases to earn e Bay Bucks. Go to My e Bay and click "e Bay Bucks" under the "Buy" heading in the left-hand menu bar to see your qualifying purchase activity and balance or click here.On promotion day(s), you must purchase and pay (and/or sell depending on the promotion) for your item(s) on that same day(s) to qualify for the extra e Bay Bucks. Why does my e Bay Bucks account show a negative balance?

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Any future purchases will be offset against that negative balance as you continue to earn e Bay Bucks. At the beginning of each calendar quarter, your e Bay Bucks amount listed in the left navigation bar on the My e Bay page will reset to $0.00.

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