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San Jose police were out of their jurisdiction, so they contacted the FBI.But because of the sensitive nature of the undercover operation, they were asked to stay on."There is certainly nothing wrong with people meeting in chat rooms and sharing like interests," said Terry Francke, a lawyer for the First Amendment Coalition.But if those interests extend to sexually explicit pictures being passed from friend to friend, it is a felony, according to the law.Mc Ewan believes that more than ever, law enforcement and parents should regularly monitor the Web.Nearly a decade ago, Detective Jim Rodrigues, one of the early members of San Jose's child exploitation team, logged on to a computer sex bulletin board hoping to catch a pedophile. Before computers, undercover cops frequented sex clubs and X-rated movie houses to get their leads.Police need only to come to Silicon Valley, the center of the technology world, to follow a pedophile through cyberspace.

Eleven years later, the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement team was formed in Los Angeles.Most free-speech advocates do not object to police posing undercover on the Internet.But they say that there is nothing illegal about people merely discussing their desire to perform acts that might be illegal.The new law would make it a crime, punishable with prison terms of up to six months and fines of as much as ,000 per offense, for operators of commercial Web sites to make certain types of graphic sexual material available to children younger than 17 years old.A coalition of 17 free-speech organizations filed suit opposing the statute, saying it violates the First Amendment.

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