The river teemed with fish, Atlantic salmon the most prized.

Abundant game roamed the forests, and berries were a valuable food supplement. The rocks in the Miramichi are similar to those of Scotland, being a part of the same formation before continental drift separated them. The Atlantic salmon, the herring gull and the common tern were found in both areas.

The Scots had the technology and know-how to cut lumber, fish, farm and build ships.

The Irish immigrants did not bring the same skills, as their forests had long been cut down and they did not have such a well-developed fishing industry. As urban English immigrants did not have these skills, and farmers were used to a more moderate climate, they tended to settle elsewhere.

Prior to municipal amalgamation in 1995, Chatham was an incorporated town in Northumberland County along the south bank of the Miramichi River opposite Douglastown.

Since amalgamation, it has been sometimes referred to as Miramichi East.

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