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It'd be nice if his defenders here would admit they just want to suck his cock and don't care that he's a homophobe.

The little head always does the thinking for the big head, for some.

Being gay clearly is not a choice and I don't know how anyone in 2013 could think that.

I'm 31 and I had to look him up to know who the hell he is. If this is true, he doesn't know what his opinion implicates - if homosexuality is a choice, then so is heterosexuality.

So pathetic because he's short and only moderately hot.

It’s A Mighty Thin Line Between Art and Hate: Homophobia in Music The use of character and language in music is not black and white; it is a continuum. Th…The pilot NASHVILLE that Bomer co-wrote was with Neal Dodson.

It's subtle, just like the use of the "choice" word. TV commercial, women are chatting, "oh, it's not that we don't like the gays, after all MY SISTER IN LAW CHOSE that lifestyle and we lover her so much.

I don't think 20-year-old comments about gays should be held against anyone unless they've been repeating them in the ensuing 2 decades.

I actually think Nicole's hubby, the country singer, is better, although he's not as dreamy as this one.[quote]Paisley was also involved in a project for CW network in which he was executive producer for a pilot called Nashville.

It was co-created and co-written by Matthew Bomer and starred Zachary Quinto. How transparent, just proves He's GAY & chooses not to act on it, so He thinks all gays should follow suit & resist their natural inclination.

Olga Ivanovna "Olgivanna" (Lazovich Milanoff) Lloyd Wright (1897-1985).

In Chely Wright's book she says Brad is very right wing and religious in his beliefs.

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