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For those looking to find love in the Christian singles dating scene, expect the following: “Christian” doesn’t mean “identical.” Just because you’ve narrowed the dating pool in the quest to find someone whose worldview mirrors your own doesn’t guarantee that everyone who identifies as a Christian will be compatible with you.Some may define “Christian” as a cultural term; they were raised with Judeo-Christian values and uphold many of the tenants of a Christian faith.These lower serotonin levels are often found in people who suffer obsessive compulsive disorder which may explain why love can sometimes feel quite obsessive.Making love last All of these chemical responses lesson with time and it is possible to have strong chemical reaction to someone who is completely unsuitable and unavailable.We also respond very strongly to the non-verbal messages given by our date.Researchers have noticed that when people are attracted to each other they tend to mirror one another’s body language, folding their arms at the same time, gesturing in the same way as though they are attuned to each other sometimes even speaking in unison, they may feel very familiar to each other.

They are produced by the pituitary gland during periods of excitement or stress and resemble opiates in their ability to produce a natural pain relief and feelings of well being.The next stages After a successful first date where you feel you have really connected you may be feeling the first fluttering of love.Some people swear they fell in love with their partner at first sight.Pheromones are released naturally by the body and the level which you release will vary from person to person.The perfume industry has tried to cash in on this scientific fact for decades by producing perfumes that closely resemble human pheromones.

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