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Will familiarity breed contempt or will Chris get well-deserved points for standing by his original composition. Chris is banking his “X Factor” future on “Homie Whatcha Trippin’ On,” the original he introduced us to back in his audition.

Nicole is honored to be part of this journey with Josh and she tells him that music loves him. The mayor of Wooster is very proud of Josh, as is his best friend and his daughter.

Tomorrow night, FOX and Simon Cowell are going to give a million recording contract to one of three artists who haven’t a chance on God’s Green Earth of justifying a deal that big based on any empirical standards.

It seems like only 20 or 30 years ago that we started hearing all of the hype about “X Factor” traveling across the Atlantic and like only three or four years ago that FOX premiered the first audition episodes and now it’s down to three.

He’s comfortable, composed and, in this moment, he’s a star.

Chris Rene: In case you’ve forgotten, Chris had a long self-destructive period. I suspect the answer will be the latter, because this full-scale production version of the song is in every way better suited to Chris’ voice and talents than anything else he could have done. “That was your five million dollar song,” Simon says, also calling Chris “a brilliant performer” and “a true gentleman.” L.

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