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The Bible itself actually devotes little attention to the topic and there are only a few relevant verses.

It is therefore understandable why the gay community is active in promoting “gay rights.” The growing acceptance of homosexuality means the legal situation in society has significantly altered.

And once you have done that, you will be reborn as your new self: Consistent. Joining your partner in an unpleasant emotion – never dismissive – and open to discussion. Always placing your own best-interest ahead of self-interest, and respond instead of reacting. Baring your heart, exposing your soft parts wit ha confident vulnerability. Having an understanding that healthy relationships are based on accommodation – not sacrifice.

Stable, and the state of being present in the same way every day, beats the occasional grand gesture every time. You have a centre and can navigate rough waters and roll with the surges, and not get upset and throw off your game. Open-eyed and aware to your own issues, but generous and acting with an open heart and hands. Acting gently and with compassion, meaning ‘man-down’ instead of ‘man-up.’ Foreplay is an act in itself. Eliminates confusion and allows clear communication. The alternative would be to continue to suffer the adverse problem behaviours associated with Avoidant traits (defined as, demand for appreciation, attention drawing, power struggles & non-yielding, revenge and proof of incompetence).

Discrimination is no longer legal at work or in the provision of services and in schools homosexuality is often taught as a valid form of human expression.

This is increasingly challenging to Christians of all persuasions, including Christadelphians, because it puts them in positions where they are required to agree in order to hold down work.

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Historically, though, it was presented as a choice resulting from a sinful nature (like other sins) and a departure from normality.

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