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We met on Christian Connection, and after some amiable conversation, decided to meet up.

We have been happily married for 6 months now and loving every minute!After 9 years as a single Mum it occurred to me that maybe I was looking in all the wrong places for the man I needed. Nick and I met on Christian Connection in May 2017 after almost giving up.We both, unknowingly at the time, kept coming off of the site and going back on after a few failed attempts at finding ‘the one’. We found that meeting up early on really helped us to get to know each other - nothing helps you connect like a face to face date! I wasn't sure how to reply - I was fine, happy, enjoying life and didn't feel any lack in my life. Two and a half years after the first wave on Christian Connection we made our commitment to each other in marriage.God bless :) It was a normal conversation with my pastor until he asked about how I felt about not being married. We'd both been on and off online dating and were giving it just one more go.

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