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“If there’s some chick I’m dying to go out with,” he says, ‘I can drop her a note in my capacity as president of Match and say, Dear Joan, You have been selected by a highly personal process called Random Sampling to be interviewed extensively by myself. I think that’s one of the most important things that it provides.

It reduces the anxiety of the blind date; you know that the girl wants to go out with someone roughly like you. Snyder, “if this is taken too seriously, and it becomes institutionalized, it could be seen as a pressure for a safe, conformistic approach.

The match mystique is here: In just nine months, some 100,000 collegians paid more than 0,000 to Match (and to its MIT foe, Contact) for the names of at least five compatible dates. Nikos Tsinikas, a Yale senior, spent a New Haven weekend with his computer-Matched date, Nancy Schreiber, an English major at Smith. ” Perhaps no mother has yet said that to her daughter, but don’t bet it won’t happen, because Big Matchmaker is watching you.

Through a complex system of two-way matching, the computer does not pair a boy with his “ideal” girl unless he is also the girl’s “ideal” boy.

As dates were made, much of the loneliness vanished, for many found that their dates were indeed compatible.

I wonder if Gene Shalit already had that crazy mustache when he wrote this in 1966. Students were so enthusiastic about this cross-check that they not only answered the 135 questions (Examples: Is extensive sexual activity [in] preparation for marriage, part of “growing up? ), they even added comments and special instructions. ” Harvard: “Have you any buxom blondes who like poetry?

I was looking for a picture of him to link to and I found this instead. Contains 8-bit music and pictures of Gene Shalit) Also check out: HOW TO SELECT A MATE (Jan, 1965), and The Truth About Petting (Jan, 1937) boy… computer New dating craze sweeps the campus PRODUCED BY GENE SHALIT, PHOTOGRAPHED BY PHILLIP HARRINGTON Out of computers, faster than the eye can blink, fly letters stacked with names of college guys and girls—taped, scanned, checked and matched. Yale: “Please do not fold, bend or spindle my date.” Vassar: “Where, O where is Superman? ” Mount Holyoke: “None of those dancing bears from Amherst.” Williams: “This is the greatest excuse for calling up a strange girl that I’ve ever heard.” Sarah Lawrence: “Help!

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In all relationships, there is a need for the unexpected; even that which is a little anxiety-laden.” With all the joys and ploys of computer dating, social life at sexually segregated schools in the Ivy League remains plenty anxiety-laden.

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  2. Here is the upside for the women- the reason why you should put your baking pans away, and stop being the go-getter. Without The Rules, you may throw more parties, and talk to him more, but you’ll never know if he was ever interested in you or the parties.