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To be fair, Anja has been up for a role in All Saints before—only for her chances to be completely scuppered by her family connections. and then they realised that Conrad's character and my character had to kiss each other! The siblings are extremely close and, together with Conrad's girlfriend, share a house in a beautiful beach side Sydney suburb.

"It's great, because you can be yourself and say what you think if something goes wrong in the house," Anja says. but we still get brother and sister fights happening!

Roxy will arrive on the Street looking for a fun time, but she also has a habit of causing chaos – so expect plenty of drama from Roxy from the off when her aunt Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) agrees to take her in.

"I've been so lucky with the role of Roxy, I've already found myself in a wide range of crazy situations from virtually the first scene which has been so much fun and really challenged me, I'm constantly learning," Zima said in a statement.

Since the demise of Flipper, and in between those guest roles, Anja has set up a videography business which shoots private weddings and edits the film into a finished package. "I'm halfway through a science degree as well, so eventually I'd like to film science documentaries." As for Conrad, he's keen to follow in his sisters footsteps and travel.

"I'd love to do the whole go-to-Europe-for-a-year-thing and get some life experience," he says.

After appearing on the film The Year My Voice Broke at 14, she studied journalism at university and then headed off to Los Angeles to try to break into movies.

It was influenced by seeing her father at work in such hit series as The Young Doctors, Chopper Squad and Patrol Boat.

I couldn't walk past people on the set without them squealing, "Oh no, go away!

" Conrad puts his hand on his heart and swears that he has had nothing to do with the casting for the show, but it was only a few months ago that his dad popped up as Professor Richard Craig, the grouchy father of Ward 17 nurse Bronwyn Craig (Libby Tanner).

"I used to dress him up as Sally and treat him like a little sister! "I have photos of it and I do sort of remember it," Conrad says. Mum and Anja would dress me like a girl to make me shut up and behave.

Whenever they dressed me that way, I'd start behaving like a girl…

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"I'd apologise and write a letter, and then she'd start talking to me again!

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