Consolidating cds on itunes

It should take about an hour or less depending on which method you choose.This is probably the easiest way to transfer your i Tunes library from one computer to another, and it allows the entire library to stay in sync across different platforms.Find the i Tunes folder by going to “i Tunes” and then “Preferences” if you are using a Mac, or “Edit” and then “Preferences” on a PC.Click “Advanced” to find the location of the folder.The only problem with this method is that it doesn’t create a permanent backup, but you can fix this by storing the media on external memory devices. You just need i Tunes 9 or later on both computers, a working Internet connection and an App Store or i Tunes account.If you don’t currently have an Apple ID, then you can create one through the Apple website for free.Start by turning on Home Sharing on the old computer, or the one hosting all of the files.If you have i Tunes 9 or 10, then go to “Advanced” and then “Turn On Home Sharing.” If you have i Tunes 11 or higher, then click “File,” “Devices” and then “Turn On Home Sharing.” Enter your Apple ID into the next money.

This method takes more time than Home Sharing, but it’s good if you have an unreliable Internet connection.If most of your library consists of songs and movies from DVDs and CDs, then this won’t be very useful. If you have files on your device that were not purchased through i Tunes, then they will not be transferred to your new computer.Sync all of your purchases with your i Pod, i Pad or i Phone before starting this. Enter the information and select the “Authorize” button. Conclusion Transferring your i Tunes library from one computer to another is usually a fairly easy process, and there are many ways of doing it.If you are transferring your i Tunes library from a PC to a Mac or a Mac to another Mac, then you can use the Windows Migration Assistant to quickly transfer the files. You can find the Windows Migration Assistant program here.This software should be pre-installed on your Mac computer.

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A menu should appear telling you how long the transfer should take.

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