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While these cooling systems can be significantly more efficient, ductless mini-split air conditioners are expensive to install. Your local climate and the size of your home can affect the price of your air conditioning unit or new system, along with other cost factors and add-ons.Both larger homes and hotter climates drive up the cost of your unit.If your home is already ducted, HVAC labor costs will be significantly lower.Hiring someone to install ducts in crawl spaces and walls can be costly and time-consuming, and can be a major home improvement project — with a price tag to match.

The exact cost of installation will depend on the size of your house, the type of new system you wish to install and the existing state of your home's duct work. That will drive up the cost — as will damaged duct work or additional HVAC equipment.

This saves space, and it's certainly quieter, but because these systems are often installed on the roof, labor costs can be pricey and a single bout of bad weather may irreparably damage the unit.

You also may want to consider window AC units, especially if your region enjoys mild summers, you don't mind the heat or your home naturally stays cool during heat waves.

As their name implies, ductless mini-split air conditioners don't require ducting, decreasing installation costs.

In-wall air handlers are connected directly to an outdoor air conditioning unit, letting you control the cooling of each room individually.

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To understand the difference between these two HVAC systems, you need to know how a central air conditioner system works before hiring a pro for installation.

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